Great in the office; handles every task

Get immediate notification of the vital emails/messages you receive among the volumes of general messages you receive every day. iPriorityMail Pro will immediately notify you with a particular ringtone so you know who it is before you even look. Critical emails can be flagged to ‘Repeat’ until you view/respond.

Our service is utilized by thousands of professionals and individuals who need to be alerted of specific messages with a reliability that their jobs depend on it. iPriorityMail Pro customers come from a broad range of professional fields including: Emergency Response, Sales, IT, Government Workers and Medical Personnel.

There are no other email/message alerting applications as powerful or reliable as iPriorityMail Pro. Today’s word moves fast and, with iPriorityMail Pro, you can count on being reliably updated on important messages.

  • Custom Settings
  • Multiple Ringtones & Skins
  • App to App Call functionality
  • $2.99 three month subscription
  • $9.99 yearly subscription
  • Up to 5 Email Accounts
  • Social Network Integration
  • Group Feature
  • HTML Support
  • Alerts Dashboard