General Questions

What is iPriorityMail?

A powerful email app for iPhone that allows you to instantly be notified of the mail that is most important to you by selecting from your contacts and tagging in iPriorityMail.

How does it work?

You enter your email address and password (encrypted). You will automatically connect to our service. NOTE: Yahoo free mail is not supported.

Who created iPriorityMail?

iPriorityMail was created by Ahlquist Software and Bullseye Studio.

Is the iPriorityMail iPhone application for individuals or for teams?

Is the iPriorityMail iPhone application for individuals or for teams? iPriorityMail is a powerful email management tool that is applicable for individual or teams. It keeps you up to date pm all your important correspondence. For questions please email iprioritymail@ahlquistsoftware.com.

Is iPriorityMail related to the iPhone email app?

iPriorityMail works in conjunction with your iPhone mail package. It allows you to instantly get notification through pop ups and sounds alerts.


How do I connect to iPriorityMail?

When you first install the application it will step you through (via pop-ups) the connection process. Additionally, you can go into the Help menu and select Test Connection which will also step through the process to verify connection.

How do I know if the iPriorityMail connection is working?

In the Help menu select Send a test alert. You should receive a test pop up message. If not go back to connecting to iPriorityMail or email us at iprioritymail@ahlquistsoftware.com

How do I set it up email accounts?

Select Manage Email Accounts and you will be taken to the Email Address page. Three envelope icons are displayed across the bottom of the page. You can add an email address and password to each (Note: our server is secure) and hit Apply to establish connection.

Why can't I connect?

All email services are a bit different. If it does not automatically detect your connection you will have to enter your mail server (i.e. imap.gmail.com). Select Apply and you should connect. If you have any issues please email iprioritymail@ahlquistsoftware.com